Orange County Landscape

Orange County Landscape

Were just wrapping up the year 2017 here at vices TRU Landscape Service and what a year we’ve had for installing, servicing, and maintaining Orange County landscape. With that being said, the Orange County landscape has definitely developed it’s own unique trend or design shift that we haven’t been accustomed to in years past. The Orange County landscape has been known primarily for it’s coastal airs, hardy soils, and abilities to grow numerous types of non native plants throughout these areas. Unfortunately I feel we have seen these years come and past as the Orange County climate is shifting towards a warmer and much dryer climate we see prevalent in our high deserts. Not only does this one factor contribute to trending changes in landscape designs but so does our lack of water here in California. Droughts can drastically change the entire layout of a landscape design plan. Taking all these factors into consideration makes for a challenging task when attempting to please your customer and installing hardy vegetation that can withstand these elements.

orange county landscape

Dry creek bed installed w/ decorative river rock



Drought Tolerant Plants

The solution to all of these environmental factors is simply switching the types of plants, trees, and grasses that we install on our projects. There is a variety of drought resistant plants available at our disposal which are commonly grown for areas where conditions are extremely dry that work excellent with our Orange County landscape. Customers tend to portray xeriscape landscaping as bland, boring, and non aesthetically pleasing. The truth is, drought tolerant plants come in multiple different species of plants. The most popular we find here in the Orange County demographics is citrus fruit trees. Fruit trees require a decent amount of water to begin establishing but once established, they require very minimal amounts of irrigation needed. Along those same lines, we see common landscaping trends leaning towards various types of succulent plants or more commonly known as succulent gardens. When choosing softscape options with the customer, we briefly educate them on why it is we lean towards these types of plants and walk them through these options at our local nurseries.

Drought tolerant landscape




Efficient Irrigation Systems

Drought tolerant plants are a great way to spruce up your yards by adding variations in color and overall aesthetics to your Orange County landscape. The key to maintaining a healthy and lush landscape is a professionally installed irrigation system. Most efficient and water conservative system on the market is a low emitter drip line. Drip line tubing is installed along the surface wrapping around each plant/tree/grass being installed, specifically targeting the root ball. These systems typically run 2-3 times a week for roughly 45-50 minutes once plants have been established. No longer do you deal with major water run off, over spray, or sprinkler heads being damaged. Highly recommend installing some type of ground cover over the drip line once installed to help preserve the plastic sheathing from the suns arrays.

Drip line irrigation



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