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Orange County Landscape

Orange County Landscape

Were just wrapping up the year 2017 here at vices TRU Landscape Service and what a year we’ve had for installing, servicing, and maintaining Orange County landscape. With that being said, the Orange County landscape has definitely developed it’s own unique trend or design shift that we haven’t been accustomed to in years past. The Orange County landscape has been known primarily for it’s coastal airs, hardy soils, and abilities to grow numerous types of non native plants throughout these areas. Unfortunately I feel we have seen these years come and past as the Orange County climate is shifting towards a warmer and much dryer climate we see prevalent in our high deserts. Not only does this one factor contribute to trending changes in landscape designs but so does our lack of water here in California. Droughts can drastically change the entire layout of a landscape design plan. Taking all these factors into consideration makes for a challenging task when attempting to please your customer and installing hardy vegetation that can withstand these elements.

orange county landscape

Dry creek bed installed w/ decorative river rock



Drought Tolerant Plants

The solution to all of these environmental factors is simply switching the types of plants, trees, and grasses that we install on our projects. There is a variety of drought resistant plants available at our disposal which are commonly grown for areas where conditions are extremely dry that work excellent with our Orange County landscape. Customers tend to portray xeriscape landscaping as bland, boring, and non aesthetically pleasing. The truth is, drought tolerant plants come in multiple different species of plants. The most popular we find here in the Orange County demographics is citrus fruit trees. Fruit trees require a decent amount of water to begin establishing but once established, they require very minimal amounts of irrigation needed. Along those same lines, we see common landscaping trends leaning towards various types of succulent plants or more commonly known as succulent gardens. When choosing softscape options with the customer, we briefly educate them on why it is we lean towards these types of plants and walk them through these options at our local nurseries.

Drought tolerant landscape




Efficient Irrigation Systems

Drought tolerant plants are a great way to spruce up your yards by adding variations in color and overall aesthetics to your Orange County landscape. The key to maintaining a healthy and lush landscape is a professionally installed irrigation system. Most efficient and water conservative system on the market is a low emitter drip line. Drip line tubing is installed along the surface wrapping around each plant/tree/grass being installed, specifically targeting the root ball. These systems typically run 2-3 times a week for roughly 45-50 minutes once plants have been established. No longer do you deal with major water run off, over spray, or sprinkler heads being damaged. Highly recommend installing some type of ground cover over the drip line once installed to help preserve the plastic sheathing from the suns arrays.

Drip line irrigation



Orange County Landscape Construction

Orange County Landscape Construction


Orange County Landscape Construction has picked up to levels that have not been seen in many years. As we are currently in the summer time and our busiest time of the year, we are striving to provide customer service. TRU Landscape Services provides the highest levels of customer service in the Orange County Landscape Construction market. Whether you’re looking for a landscape designer or a landscape construction company we can help you.

Landscape Projects

We currently have several projects either beginning or being finished up in Orange County Landscape Construction. TRU Landscape Services provides all of your outdoor needs. Some of our current landscape projects are : Installing a new interlocking paver driveway . This driveway has several planter walls and a large staircase that we built out of concrete. The Concrete stair case has a washed finish, this type of finish will provide more traction when walking on the stairs. We are currently finishing up a complete backyard remodel. On this project we remodeled the swimming pool, installed a custom firepit and a new BBQ island.

Orange County Landscape Lighting

Orange County Landscape Construction installs the highest quality materials. We use all American made LED lights from a local supplier that we have dealt with for over 20 years. All of their lights and bulbs are built in America! These lights are estimated to last up to 16 years. Our crews have the highest training possible on installing a professional landscape lighting project.

Orange County Landscape Contractor

TRU Landscape Services has been providing landscape construction over 20 years in Orange County. Call us for a free estimate 1-866-487-1359 or feel free to contact us through email. Our staff and crews will provide the highest customer service possible. TRU Landscape Services provides all of your outdoor needs.  Let us build your outdoor resort right in your own backyard!

Orange County Landscape Construction

Orange County Barbecue Island

Orange County Barbecue Island

Get your summer started off right this year with the addition of your very own custom outdoor barbecue island. Whether you’re hosting your sons next little league party or just trying to get the family together for a weekend barbecue, a custom made barbecue island is the best way to go. Our barbecue islands are built according to customer specifications and requests. The TRU Landscape team will help create and custom build any type of design features our customers choose to integrate within their newly designed outdoor kitchen area. We’ve built and designed islands varying anywhere as small as 8′ long all the way to 32′ long. No island is ever too big or small for us to design and build. The barbecue island serves to have multiple functions rather than just being an area where one cooks. We design an area where families can gather and lounge without being limited to the constraints of their own homes. This is beautiful Southern California we’re talking about, no need to be confined eating indoors when you can enjoy the gorgeous weather outside while still dining in class.

Barbecue Island in Fullerton,Ca

Custom Barbecue Island

The design staff here at TRU Landscape services want to make the process of designing your very own Orange County barbecue island as effortless and simple as possible. The design process begins by locating an area outside the customers back patio that can best serve as the future site for the newly designed outdoor kitchen. The area needs to be relatively close to the kitchen located inside the home to allow for easy access of food prep utensils, plates, dishes, etc. Determining location of future island site is essential since this is a permanent structure that can’t be adjusted once installed. Once the area of the barbecue island is determined, we then begin drawing up dimensions based upon the customers overall vision of what the structure is intended to look like. The customer dictates to us what they foresee the final product looking like so we design and adjust accordingly. The first coarse of block is then installed and built up to bar height. Many times our bar heights are a standard 36″inches high while our counter-tops step up an additional 6″inches to give you a final seating height of about 42″ inches. The islands we typically design have a (PIP) poured in place colored concrete cap with either a squared edge finish along the sides or a bull nose style finish. We’ve done granite installations in the past but as granite is a rather porous stone, it tends not to as well outside as our poured in place counter tops do. Customer has the option of either applying a stucco textured finish to the sides of the barbecue island or installing a stacked stone veneer along the sides and stucco on the back.


BBQ Island in Fullerton,Ca

Special BBQ Island Features

The customer is presented with our standard design package and given all of the various options to take your Orange County barbecue island to the next level. Installing a stacked stone veneer panel along the front face of your island can definitely separate you from the rest but why not take it a step further and incorporate that fire feature you’ve so desperately been desiring right into your newly designed  BBQ island. This can easily be accomplished by dropping in a 19″inch or 27″inch fire bowl right into your poured in place counter top. Customize your new fire feature with a tumbled fire glass within the center to give it that bonus appeal factor. Ignite the flame from the convenience of your cellular telephone with the convenient app provided by the manufacture.


Polished Concrete Counter Top

Polished Concrete Counter Top

The latest and common trend in barbecue island designs is the polishing of the concrete counter top. This is performed by pouring a concrete counter top and spraying a retardant as the concrete is drying. The retardant allows the aggregate to make it’s way to the surface eliminating all of the cream color in the concrete. Once the aggregate has exposed itself, we take a variable speed grinder and attach multiple polished blades and begin to polish the counter top till we have achieved a nice smooth surface. The concrete is then sealed and ready to shine. A polished concrete top has very similar traits of a granite top with a fraction of the cost.


Orange County Outdoor Fireplace

Orange County Outdoor Fireplace

This year we’re finally starting to experience somewhat of a cold spell and it’s a perfect timing for your new custom Orange County Outdoor Fireplace to be installed. Outdoor fireplaces are a great addition to your home not only for re-sell purposes but for entertainment purposes as well. It provides the necessary heat for one to enjoy themselves outside no matter what the weather is like. We custom build our fireplaces to replicate exactly what the customer ultimately desires. Since the outdoor fireplace serves multiple purposes as being not only a feature that predominately serves as the main focal point in your backyard but also a feature that can provide warmth and lounging benefits.Orange County Fire Place

Custom Fireplaces

All of the Orange County Outdoor Fireplaces designed by TRU Landscape Services are custom made to order features. We build all of our outdoor fireplaces out of block, rebar, and concrete to reassure the strength and durability of our structures. Typically the sizes of the fireplaces vary but standard height is approximately 10ft by 8ft wide. Standard fireplaces we design have a 18″ inch high hearth that goes across the front face, this is the standard seating height. We use a (PIP) poured in place concrete for all of our bull nose caps, we recommend using a colored concrete to add a contrast of colors. The sides of the fireplace either receive a stack stone veneer or an option to stucco (either rough or smooth). Outdoor fireplaces can either be free standing features like the one shown above or incorporated within the patio cover. If the fireplace is to be installed within the patio area we will install a firebox insert instead of your typical wood burning firebox.

Orange County Outdoor FireplaceLandscape Contractor

TRU Landscape services not only offers fire place installations but anything that requires outdoor construction. We’re interested in any outdoor project you may have, no job is to small for us. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and are family owned and operated. We’re a licensed and bonded contractor that operates out of the Orange County area. Let us make all of your outdoor renovations dreams come true. Whether you’re looking for a new Orange County Outdoor Fireplace like the one just presented  or something as simple as pouring a new concrete driveway, we’re here to make your next project as simple and hassle free as possible. Our professional staff will take care of all of your needs. Call today to set up a free estimate at 1-866-487-1359 or go to our website at to request a quote.



Orange County Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Living in Mission Viejo

Outdoor Living in Mission Viejo


TRU Landscape Services completed another outdoor living in Mission Viejo project. The customer originally wanted a swimming pool installed in their backyard, but after our salesman was called to give the customer an estimate, he realized this yard was to tiny to house such a large feature. That’s when we decided this yard was headed in much different direction. We headed to the drawing board and began designing an all new outdoor living area that could accommodate a yard of this size.

The customer had a large existing balcony deck that had seen its fair share of better days. The customer claimed to no longer use the balcony, so we went ahead and removed it completely. In return, we installed an all new outdoor room with a small balcony off of the master bedroom. By installing this outdoor Living in Mission Viejo, we added roughly 450 square feet of area to enjoy year round. We went ahead and covered the entire backyard surface in 4″ of regular concrete. Then came the installation of the beautiful cream colored travertine tiles on top of the newly poured concrete surface.

Fire Pit

Our new design on this project called for three key elements that we needed to integrate. The key focal point in the features was the location of the future fire pit. Customer wanted to be able to look out there back window and see a constant Illuminating orange flame. The Fire pits we install have a modern design approach to it. We install a (PIP) poured in place concrete cap for the top of the pit. For the sides, we went ahead and installed real stack stone veneer panels. On the inside of the fire pit we installed a multi colored tumbled glass. Around the surrounding area of the fire feature, we installed a custom floating wood bench that was attached to the cinder block wall to allow for comfortable seating around the fire. We used redwood slates coated in a natural stain for our wood bench. This area was designed to be our more focal element of the yard but with relaxation and comfort in mind as well.



Water feature

Water features not only add beauty to a back yard but more so, provides the soothing sounds of constant water fall to your very own outdoor living area. We have had several different designs we have built over the years, our customer presented us with a basic design on this particular job and we ran with it. This water wall is roughly 4f high and 5ft mission-viejo-backyard-14wide. We integrated the matching stack stone veneer panels to the front face of the feature. The bordering cap is also a matching (PIP) poured in place concrete like that of the fire pit. This water feature in particular was installed using an LED multi-color spill way that has included a remote control allowing the customer to select through several different color schemes.

Barbecue Island

Outdoor Living in Mission Viejo wouldn’t be fully complete with out your very own outdoor kitchen area. This BBQ island has a 32-inch grill dropped in it with a side burner directly to the right of it. Customer requested a small sink to be installed for cleaning purposes. The outdoor refrigerator was also installed to keep the beverages and condiments cold. The counter top is once again a matching (PIP) poured in place colored concrete. The concrete matches all the other elements in the backyard. After installing the three main elements we felt like something was still missing. Therefore, we went ahead and included a beautiful 18” inch high planter/seating wall going across the back fence line. Our walls are designed not only for retaining our planting purposes but also for comfort. The walls are installed at about 18″ high which is about average seating height. So you essentially create a large amount of seating capability while allowing for future planting areas to be established. It’s a great design technique that allows you to eat up space in yard while creating an aesthetically appealing design feature that serves multiple purposes. We attached stack stone veneer panels on the sides of this planter wall with 6″ Vista Undermount LED fixtures. Final touches on the project was using a high gloss sealer and applying it to all the areas where our (PIP) poured in place concrete was installed.



TRU landscape services has been building outdoor living areas in Orange County for over 20 years. We provide free estimates and have a excellent design team to help design your dream backyard. All our projects are built by our own crews. Please call us today at 1-866-487-1359 or see more of our work at


Orange County Outdoor Construction

Orange County Outdoor Construction

When TRU Landscape Services started this project in the Orange County area, we were presented with a significant task as to creating a concrete pool deck area that was all one level. The existing deck had multiple step-up areas around the entire pool. We had our bobcat working for 4 straight days breaking and hauling away chunks of concrete until we had one solid level of dirt. Once the demo was fully complete, we started from scratch and began going over design features with our customers so they could get a realistic portrayal of what the yard would ultimately look like. We began measuring and spray painting lines of where certain features would now be and what we had envisioned for this yard. The yard was not the largest of sizes but the customer wanted to incorporate a barbecue island, patio cover, and fire pit. Basically, we needed to incorporate a full Outdoor Living Area into our back yard renovation. This took careful precision in locating where each feature would be built as we were working around a rather large size pool with limited yard space.

Barbecue Island

Fullerton Print-14

This is one of the more common types of barbecue islands we design here at TRU Landscape Services. This island consisted of a poured in place colored concrete counter top with a bull nose finish. This particular counter top had a step up feature added to it which allows the bar to sit at roughly 42″ and the cooking area at a standard 36″. We used a San Diego Buff colored concrete to match both the planter walls and deck concrete. Our barbecue islands are all built using 6″ cinder blocks, concrete, and re-bar. We build you something that is going to last for years to come. The sides received a light stucco finish. Customer was concerned with cooking at night and what visibility might be impaired so we went ahead and installed small VISTA under mount LED’s all throughout the barbecue counter top. Looks beautiful all light up at night and makes cooking a whole lot easier.

Patio Cover

Fullerton Print-20Customer wanted to incorporate a patio cover into the project so we went ahead and designed an open faced patio cover made of wood. We used 6×6’s for the post and 2×3’s going across the ceiling. The posts were skirted to give us a more decorative design. Lights were hung along the rafters to give this patio cover a more curb appeal. The wood was all primed and painted. Patio cover’s are a key ingredient to all of our Outdoor Construction projects that we design here in the Orange County area. It not only provides an area for family and friends to congregate and relax but adds another aesthetically beautiful feature to our back yard renovation.

Fire Pit

Another element to our outdoor design here at TRU Landscape is incorporating a fire pit in all of our outdoor construction projects. Sticking with the ongoing theme of this backyard, we designed the fire pit to have a PUP (poured in place) colored concrete bull nose cap. We build our fire pits almost identical to that of our barbecue islands. Fire pit is designed to be a permanent feature so we use block, re-bar, and concrete. Lava rock was installed in the middle instead of fire glass. This feature was a little bit more custom then most of the standard pits we build. Customer was concerned with limited space around the fire pit so we went ahead and worked with them to design something smaller that would allow plenty of seating around. Our standard fire pits are typically 36″ round, this one was done at about 24″. Definitely a necessary feature that compliments the rest of the design aspects of this Orange County outdoor construction project.Fullerton Print-19


Stamped Concrete

The final touches of this backyard renovation was rejuvenating the existing  pool deck and giving it a complete make over. Customer chose to go with a two colored stamped concrete around the pool deck. Concrete color was a San Diego Buff just like the counter tops, planter walls, and fire pit. Trick is, we used a dark gray release while we poured the colored concrete. The release will penetrate the deep grooves that the stamps provide during installation. The next day we come back with a high powered pressure washer and take a light layer off the top of the concrete that gives us our color contrast we were going for. Our concrete finishers did an awesome job and cutting random joints in our newly poured concrete. Once the entire project was completed, we came back and applied a wet seal to all of the concrete. The sealer presents a wet/glazed over look that our customers just loved.

Fullerton Print-18

Landscape Contractor

Here at TRU Landscape, we’re interested in making all of your Orange County Outdoor Construction projects as hassle free and enjoyable as possible. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and are family owned and operated. We’re a licensed contractor that operates out of the Orange County area. Let us make all of your outdoor renovations dreams come true. Whether you’re looking for a new Outdoor Living Area like the one just presented  or something as simple as pouring a new concrete driveway. Our professional staff will take care of all of your needs. Call today to set up a free estimate 1-866-487-1359.

Orange County Outdoor Living Area

Orange County Outdoor Living Area

Modern landscaping is slowly becoming a more predominant trend in our Orange County area as of recently. One of the key factors in that Modern Landscape design is the key characteristic of an Outdoor Living Area. An easy way to describe an Outdoor Living Area is essentially an extension of your home living room or dinning room simply blending in with your backyard as if it’s almost a transparent appearance. The presence of the new California Door allows home owners to get the full montage affect of having infinite extension between indoor living and outdoor living. TRU Landscape recently designed a backyard here in the Orange County area where we adopted the true Outdoor Living concept and put it to it’s fullest affect. The house was designed in a way that the backyard can only be accessed through the actual inside of the house which makes this an ideal demo home for our Outdoor Living package. We began by building a travertine patio deck that would ultimately lead us out to our new fire pit area. Everything was set in 4″ of 2500PSI concrete and than 12’x12′ slabs of travertine were then applied over the top to give us our aesthetic finish. Travertine continues all along the deck area and extends along the walkway to the fire pit pad in the back right hand corner of the yard,Victoria St. Web-5

Outdoor Planter Walls

Going with the overall modern landscaping theme here we decided to match our travertine floor by incorporating travertine caps onto our newly designed planter walls that ultimately surround the entire backyard. Planter Walls designed by TRU Landscape typically sit about 18″ off the ground and are built with 6″ cinder block. This particular wall received a flat stucco finish with not just a standard concrete cap but a travertine cap to go with the themed decor. Tiny undermount LED’s presented by VISTA lighting were installed every 10′ or so feet to give a soft touch of light where needed. The back side of the wall is applied with a waterproofing agent to allow water from penetrating the newly designed walls, and especially from cracking the stucco.

Victoria St. Web-1 (1)

Outdoor Fire Pit Area

Another key ingredient to capturing your own Outdoor Living Area is none other than the majestic fire pit. It’s typically a main focal point in one’s backyard if positioned correctly and can provide a great area to wine and dine or have drinks with fellow friends and neighbors. Either way, it always survives a purpose and proves to be useful. This particular fire pit carries the same design as the rest of the backyard with the travertine caps laid out along the planter walls and matching flat stucco across the front face. American fire glass 3/8 rocks installed all throughout the center rings. TRU Landscape built a custom redwood horizontal floating bench seat going across both sides of the pit area to provide plenty of seating for whoever decides to join the party.Victoria St. Web-3

Synthetic Turf

Greatest contrast to any modern landscaping job we do here at TRU Landscaping is adding the vibrant bright green turf to our jobs. Works out dynamically in this situation as the customer chose a very light colored travertine but matched it up with a darker colored synthetic turf. This gives us the contrast that we needed to add our finishing touches. TRU Landscape has been installing premier synthetic turf in the Orange County area for over the last 10 years, call us for a free quote at 1-866-487-1359.Victoria St. Web-9

Landscape Contractor

TRU Landscape Services is an Orange County landscape contractor, that can build all of your outdoor dreams. Whether you’re looking for a new Outdoor Living Area like the one just presented  or something as simply as pouring a new concrete driveway. Our professional staff will take care of all of your needs. We’re a family owned business that has grown up in the landscaping business in Orange County since the 1980’s. Call today for a free estimate 1-866-487-1359.


Outdoor Resort Living

Outdoor Resort living

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Are you looking to build an outdoor resort living area? TRU Landscape services can provide that outdoor resort living area at affordable prices. We are one of the highest reviewed contractors in Orange County. With 30 years of experience in building outdoor resort living  areas our salesman can design all different types of elements from outdoor living rooms to Fire places.  All of our work is done in house. There is no need to hire different contractors, our professional staff will walk you through the entire process. From design to the build we have trained our crews on the most efficient and modern building practices. Let us come and design your outdoor living resort area.

Outdoor Rooms

TRU landscape Services just completed a outdoor room project in Orange County. Our customer had a specific design in mind. In this outdoor room we installed a BBQ island. This particular island we installed a sink, trash compactor, and a double side burner. The island also had several door storage combos under the counter. One of the most popular items on BBQ

island is a griddle. We can build your new griddle right into the island. Griddles are great for that morning breakfast at your own outdoor resort living area. This outdoor room was right next to the pool that we built!! Have breakfast and then jump right into your brand new pool!

Fire Features

fire pit HB

This outdoor resort area had a fire pit right next to the outdoor room. This Fire pit had a Travertine cap that matched all of the planter walls and pool coping. All of these travertine caps are custom built on site.  If you’re looking for a fire feature for your outdoor resort living area you came to the right place. Rather you would like a modern day fire pit or an outdoor fire place, TRU Landscape services has been building all of your outdoor fire elements for over 25 years in Orange County. We have several different designs to choose from. Fire tables and fire- water features are really poplar in Orange County. Custom built fire features are what we are best known for. We try and use all American products in our fire features.

Landscape Contractor

pool fall

TRU Landscape Services is an Orange County landscape contractor, that can build all of your outdoor dreams. Whether you’re looking for a outdoor living resort area or a new concrete driveway. Our professional staff will take care of all of your needs. We are a family owned business, that has grown up in the landscaping business in Orange County. Call today for a free estimate 1-866-487-1359

Modern Landscape Orange County

Modern Landscape Orange County

TRU Landscape services have installed several modern landscapes in Orange County. What does modern landscape really mean to us? Modern landscape is essentially a more contemporary take on the average residential or commercial property. It’s a fairly new design that incorporates squared features such as benches, concrete pathways, pots, poured in place concrete caps, etc. Contemporary gardens also
provide many drought tolerant alternatives. The modern yards are typically being installed with decomposed granite, artificial turf, or a decorative rock. Popular plants most commonly used are a
variety of bamboo species, different types of succulents, and commonly grown grasses. One of the more updated features of the contemporary yard is the Redwood Horizontal Fencing that we’re beginning to see more and more of. Updated fencing provides an elegant yet basic look that ties together the rest of the yard.

Modern landscape Fire Pit

Modern Concrete

We’ve also installed many modern concrete paths that have channels cut and filled in with either artificial turf or pea gravel. Customers in Orange County either ask for slabs to be installed in an offset formation or uniform, concrete paths are an easy way to give your home a more modern and contemporary feel to it. Slabs are formed and designed to the customer’s specifications. Once approval is given and agreed upon to the design, we begin pouring concrete and applying the finish. We provide the options of either applying a broom finish, smooth finish, using colored concrete or interlocking pavers.  Concrete poured 4” thick and is reinforced with a 6’ x 6’ wire mesh. Different design options are
available. The more contemporary gardens are starting to apply different types of decorative rock, turf, or decomposed granite (DG) along the channels of the concrete pathways. Great design technique that allows one to eliminate the notion of having a front or backyard surrounded by nothing but concrete. Eliminates the concrete jungle theory we’re all afraid of.

modern landscape Orange County

Modern Fences

modern landscape wood fence wall

Horizontal fencing has become a popular trend to the contemporary garden. Many of our Orange County customers have requested for horizontal fencing to be installed all along their property walls, retaining walls, pony walls, etc. We use all treated lumber for our projects. Posts are all set and reinforced in concrete. We have several different design options available upon installation. Even old block walls can be revitalized with a modern wood fence attached right to the block wall. You choose the type of wood, stain, or color. We only make recommendations based on previous jobs and customer feedback.


Orange County Concrete Fire Pits, modern landscape

The patio area surrounding the fire pit is dark stained stamped concrete

Modern Landscape Company

TRU Landscape Services has been installing modern landscape in Orange County for several years. Whether your looking For concrete ideas or landscaping ideas feel free to call us today. All of our landscape projects are done in house, contact us today for a free estimate 1-866-487-1359.

Orange County Concrete

slabs 333Orange County Concrete

The winter months have slowly began to approach the Southern California area and residents are worried if their homes can with stand the amount of rainfall that we’re projected to have this year. One of the major areas we tend to focus on is whether or not the drainage system is working correctly and efficiently. That’s definitely a key aspect in protecting your home against unwanted flooding and puddling around the property. Drains play a pivotal role in directing water away from the property but do the home owners no good if hardscape areas don’t pitch or fall properly. Many times concrete and surrounding landscapes in Orange County do not have enough pitch or fall to the drains to move the water out of the yard. That’s why hiring a professional landscape company that can perform all of your concrete needs is your best bet. We can install the concrete or interlocking paver’s so that the water does fall to your drain systems. We will install a new drain line to make sure that water does run away from your house. If your making a large investment in your outdoor living area make it with the highest online rated company. Our trained crews will show up on time and install quality American made parts. We have been installing concrete in Orange County for over 25 years. We will take every step to prepare your concrete and landscape areas for the winter rain fall.

Orange County Block Walls

TRU Landscape Services has been installing Orange County Block walls for over 25 years. We strive to provide the highest quality block walls in all of Orange County. Whether your looking for a smooth stucco finish or a more modern Horizontal wood fence appearance, we’re the right company for the job. Our highly trained masons will take every step for your block wall to last forever. We install several types of block walls from cinder block to split face block. The more modern block walls tend to have stack stone panels installed on the face of the wall. Our customers have a variety of different block walls to choose from upon installation. You can see more of our block wall displays on our website.


Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting not only sets your property apart from other properties, it also adds security to to your property. We use LED lighting that is made in America. The lights are expected to last up to 30 years. Besides safety, low voltage lights add value to your property. Driving through most parts of Orange County you can see our LED Landscape lights at work. Call out our office and set up a free estimate. If your not sure about which company to use for your lighting install, no problem, we can bring the lights to your property for a night demo and show you why were the highest rated landscape company on the internet. TRU Landscape Services is your premier landscape company for over 25 years in Orange County.