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ET-Satellite Timers

A sprinkler system on a new ET Satellite timer will save you time, money, and hassle. Just sit back and watch your lawn grow green.

Water Saving Sprinkler Installations

TRU Landscape can install an ET-Satellite timer to lower your water bill by 20%. A properly timed sprinkler system will only go off at the optimal times of day to prevent excess evaporation and ensure that your lawn is properly watered. Along with a well timed system, professionally installed sprinkler heads will spray for proper head to head coverage eliminating waste. Those 20% savings per month will quickly add up! On top of that,

With an ET Satellite Timer, there will be no need for seasonal adjustments. The timer will take care of all the thinking. Remember to check your local water company for rebate information. We are certified in the Smart Dial and Hydro Point timers.

For expert Sprinkler System Installation and ET Timer installation and repair, call your Orange County Landscaper, TRU Landscape Services today.