Drought Tolerant Orange County Landscape

Drought Tolerant Landscapes

Orange County, California

In light of the California drought, you may have decided it’s time to change to a drought tolerant landscape.  Now is a great time to transform your Orange County Landscape.  Remove your water sucking lawn and install California native plants to save on your water bill.  Native water saving plants will also look beautiful in their natural surroundings.  Just call TRU Landscape Services today for a free estimate on your Drought Tolerant installation!

Drought Tolerant Orange County Landscape

California Drought Tolerant Rebates

Most water services in Orange County California are giving rebates for homeowners who install drought tolerant landscapes.  Most water municipalities already give discounts for homes with low water usage, but there are many other ways to save.  First off, there are rebates per square foot of sod and turf removed.  Many also give rebates for sprinkler system re-installation with low water ET satellite timers and drip irrigation.  Here is a link for more information on Drought Tolerant Landscape Rebate Programs. Check this resource today to find if your water company offers rebates for drought proofing your landscape!

Drought Tolerant Landscape

Orange County Drought Lawn Care

Want to keep your lawn, but save water?  TRU Landscape Services can replace your inefficient sprinkler system with a state of the art, water saving irrigation system!  Your lawn will begin saving money and water instantly!  We can:

  • Replace your sprinkler timer with a ET Satellite Timer
  • Add properly adjusted sprinkler heads for maximum coverage
  • Install low-water drip lines
  • and fix your landscape grade and drain systems

Orange County Grass Removal

Maybe you’re a little more drought conscious.  If you’re holding back on watering your lawn, it’s probably beginning to look patchy and yellow… One way to avoid having a yellow lawn is by replacing it with a water saving landscape!  Your water municipality may offer a rebate for uninstalling your lawn and replacing it with drought tolerant plants.

Patio and Walkway Installation

Another way to reduce water use, is by installing hardscape into your landscape.  Adding an Interlocking Pavers patio for instance, will cut off a portion of your lawn and limit water use.  While installing a backyard patio area, walkway, or driveway, we can also make sure that your landscape is properly graded.  A well graded landscape will direct water evenly across your lawn allowing for maximum coverage.

Orange County Interlocking Pavers

For more information on TRU Landscape’s Orange County water saving landscapes and our other services, please call 1-866-487-1259 today!  Our helpful office staff will be glad to assist you in setting up a free estimate or answering any questions you may have.